Car Clips / Half Cars
Our car clips are available in a variety of manufacturer models and makes. Custom features are available by request including the Break Out Box option (shown below).

Inquire now for pricing, information, and availability.

Standard to all car clips:
  • Domestic, Import, and European coverage available
  • Fully operational vehicle
  • Castered and fork-liftable frame
  • Custom aluminum fuel cell with OEM fuel pump
  • Factory EVAPorative emissions installed
  • Vandal limiting features
  • Top quality control to ensure longevity

Our car clips are available with several options including:
  • Manual Doors
  • Electric Doors
  • Rear Lighting
  • Break Out Boxes
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Custom/Intermittent Faults
  • Security Hood Pin
  • Removable Dyno Dolly




Hybrid Clips
  • Operational hybrid vehicle
  • Removable casters for driving ability
  • Major hybrid drive components exposed
  • Clear windows to internal hybrid components

Break Out Box Option
  • Test points provide ECM pin-outs
  • Real world faults provide circuit interruption
  • Includes full documentation and schematics
  • Keyed access to fault switches
  • Different box mounts/podiums available
  • Intermittent faults are available

Sensor Break Out Option
  • Test points provide sensor pin-outs
  • Preserve sensor connectors from back-probing damage